Alexia Koletsou

I'm half Scottish and half Greek, and studied electronics and electrical engineering in Glasgow, my mum's hometown.

In 2010 I started a PhD in the University of Glasgow, which I completed in 2014. Before starting my PhD I had already fallen in love with yoga, Ashtanga yoga specifically. My early morning Mysore practice became by best friend during my studies and it helped me to not only feel good about myself but it helped me deal with stressful situations.

When I finished the PhD I moved to Drama and opened The Yoga Basement in my basement. I wanted to share my love for yoga with anyone who wanted to try it out.


My fantastic teacher, Cathy Moran, also contributed to this love for the practice. Finding a good teacher is like a blessing. Some I have had the luck to have practiced with are: David Keil, Kino McGreggor, David Swenson, Stefan Engstrom, Michael Gannon, Luke Jordan, Cyndi Laird, Magda Procner and Eleftheria

Lagoudaki (Om Studio in Athens).

Ιn March 2014 I traveled to Mysore in India, which can be considered as the Mecca for Ashtanga yoga and practiced there under the guidance of Sharath Jois in the KPJAYI. Ever since that first trip I now return to Mysore every year in order to develop my practice and also improve as a teacher.